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The Kermitdogs Bratwurst Cart is located in Bellingham, Washington. We offer custom made proprietary Kulshan Brewing Company beer infused bratwurst and sausages hand crafted by Carne Bellingham. We also offer handmade beer chili, traditional Currywurst, beer-centric side dishes and specialty condiments.


About Us

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Kermitdogs came about as a collaboration between local food service professionals, butchers and the fine folks making great beer here in Bellingham. The idea is to provide a product made locally that would celebrate and expand craft beer-centric food, our local breweries and culture.


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The Supa'Sonic: Galley Fare Habanero/Shiitake-Kale Salmon Sausage, Cilantro Cream Cheese, Kimchi-Kale Relish, Gomasio.

The Bellinghamster: Caraway Kulshan Pale Ale Bratwurst, Fennel Sauerkraut, Bacon, Smoked/Sharp Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Grilled Onion.

The Polecat: Kulshan Wheat Ale Polish, Raw Beet-Radish Relish, Cream Cheese, Cheese Curd.

The Boss Logg: Kulshan Transporter Spicy Beef, Transporter Chili, Sharp/Smoked Cheddar, Cilantro Cream Cheese.

The Baby Cakes: Choice of sausage with Tomato-Butternut Curry, Grilled Onion, Fennel Sauerkraut, Sharp Cheddar.

Satan's Pilgrim: Choice of sausage with Ghost Pepper-Pineapple Cream Cheese, pickled Jalepeño-Garlic Tomatillo relish, Cilantro Chop.


Sides: Yukon Gold German Potato Salad with Bacon-IPA Dressing.

           Kulshan Transporter 2 Bean Vegetarian Chili.

           Beer Pickles!

           Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips 

Basic Bratwurst or Sausage: Your choice of Bratwurst or our other sausage offerings with complimentary sauerkraut, grilled sweet onion and specialty mustards/hot sauces.

Current Sausage: Kulshan Pale Ale Caraway Bratwurst

                            Kulshan Wheat Ale Polish 

                            Kulshan Transporter Spicy Beef "Texas Style"

                            Galley Fare Salmon Links- Shiitake-Kale/Habañero Styles 

OB Chilidawg: Add our house chili and cheese to any basic sausage for the ultimate hunger destroying tool.

Currywurst: Your choice of sausage smothered in a traditionally made tomato-butternut squash curry sauce with grilled sweet onion, sauerkraut, relishes, grilled flat bread and a beer pickle!

*Please inform your friendly sausage attendant if you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions that you feel we should know about. Thank you.

*All sausage casings are natural pork.

*We cannot cut sausages in half, unless you appear to be two very small children. 



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                                              Current Locations and Events!



Kermit Dogs is in the field until September due to catering commitments. We will be resuming regular weekly locations and location updates in the Fall. Thanks!



Industrial Credit Union Food Truck Round Up benefit for Whatcom County Food Banks Sept. 26 11-3 Civic Field Parking Lot, Bellingham

Island Hoppin' Brewery 3rd. Anniversary Celebration, Friday, Sept. 18. 33 Hope Lane Eastsound, WA

Subdued String Band Jamboree Deming Log Show Grounds August 6-8

Make-Shift Block Party 306 Flora St. Bellingham August 1

Sunnyland Stomp! Red Boots Design 2120 Grant St. # 7 "The Fort" July 11 3 - 9PM

YES WE CAN! Celebrating canned craft beer. July 4. @ Elizabeth Station, Bellingham.

K2 Grand Opening Fandango! Saturday, June 13 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM 


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The Kermit Dogs Bratwurst Cart is available for private and corporate events of all sizes. Packaged Pricing on full menu/beverages and specialty offerings for your next Rumpus or Wing-Ding!  

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